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May 2017
Nikolaj Mariager
May 22 2017 15:34
Well, right now it just crashes outright, doesn't reach the function I inject at all. Adding a jump manually works fine though. I guess that combined with saving all the registers that might be affected should do the trick.
Not trivial, but doable. :P
Nikolaj Mariager
May 22 2017 16:09
As far as I understand, I shouldn't need more than 5 bytes to create the jump out. And then when I'm inside my hook code, I can store the registers before calling my managed C# function. Afterwards I'll restore the registers, append the bytes I overwrote and finally jump back right after the bytes I overwrote.
Justin Stenning
May 22 2017 21:15
@TinkerWorX sounds a bit weird, if you could provide a simple example to reproduce that would be helpful. I'm a bit busy but will take a look eventually
ie easyhook already does all that stuff for the trampoline so I would like to take a look and see what is going on