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Sep 2017
Sep 12 2017 09:13
Hi! I'm using EasyHook and have a question. My scope: unmanaged code, local hooks. I need to hide some files from my application. So I decide to hook FindFirstFile and FindNextFile and perform some magic. Interceptions of these functions are sufficient to accomplish my task. My application contains two dlls: main.dll, and hook.dll. Hook.dll hides files for main.dll. For some reason I need to call a genuine win32 FindFIRSTFile function from a FindNEXTFile hook handler. But this call is intercepted by FindFIRSTFile hook handler. It makes big difficulties for me. So my question: is it possible to disable all local hooks for hook.dll, but leave their enabled for main.dll?
Justin Stenning
Sep 12 2017 10:18
If diff threads you can use ACLs, otherwise I would suggest using a mutex to coordinate your code
Sep 12 2017 10:25
Yeah, I was thinking about threads... Thanks a lot for reply and for EasyHook!