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Oct 2017
Michael IV
Oct 30 2017 14:10
Hi All. Anybody here encountered any issues when using native C++ based on Windows SDK 10 (10.0.16299.0) ?
I filed an issue on the github page.What happens is that when I switch from 8.1 to 10 SDK the hook can't find its entry point in the hook DLL.
Justin Stenning
Oct 30 2017 23:26
@SasMaster1980_twitter worked fine for me with 10.0.15063.0, can you try that version (I don't have 10.0.16299.0 SDK installed yet)

@SasMaster1980_twitter I assume your native entry point looks something like:

extern "C" void declspec(dllexport) stdcall NativeInjectionEntryPoint(REMOTE_ENTRY_INFO inRemoteInfo);
void __stdcall NativeInjectionEntryPoint(REMOTE_ENTRY_INFO
inRemoteInfo) {...