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Apr 2018
Justin Stenning
Apr 20 2018 03:25

What could be the possible reasons for this Access Violation error?

@ArunPrasad777 the most common cause is an incorrect method signature or calling convention for your hook handler / delegate.

Hi, I'm having an issue with hooking some 64 bit apis which apparently have an unsupported far jump at the beginning. Is there any way around this limitation? Could EasyHook be extended (by whomever :)) to support this or is there some theoretical reason why supporting it would be infeasible?

@pheber yes it should be possible to extend EasyHook to support this, feel free to raise a feature request.

Completely unrelated I have another question: I have a function in ole32.dll (OleIsCurrentClipboard) which in turn calls another function (GetClipboardOwner) in user32.dll. I want to hook GetClipboardOwner and want the hook to also be called when OleIsCurrentClipboard calls it. API Monitor can hook and modify the underlying call, but when I create a LocalHook in EasyHook, it doesn't get called for the nested call to GetClipboardOwner from OleIsCurrentClipboard. Is there any way to achieve this with the current version of EasyHook?

@pheber what thread ACL do you have setup? I don't see any reason why your scenario wouldn't be supported by EasyHook.