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Nov 2018
Nov 17 2018 14:46


I'm using the latest EasyHook dll (32 and 64 v2.7.6789.0 ) and I'm hooking WriteConsoleW API successfully on Windows 7. I'm using the same 64 bit dll on Windows 10 and my dll is injected successfully but my hooked function is never called when running on Windows 10.
The LhInstallHook returned successfully when hooked WriteConsoleW from kernel32.dll
The process that I'm trying to hook is cmd.exe on Windows 10.
I debugged the process after my dll was injected and saw that the WindowsConsoleW entry does not contain the trampoline code to point to my WriteConsoleW function.

What can be the problem?
How can I debug it?

Any input on this would be appreciated!


I'm using unmanaged code in c++