These are chat archives for EcoForecast/GPP

Mar 2016
Betsy Cowdery
Mar 29 2016 19:30
@saifuddin-m : to clarify, the links I sent you to the ameriflux data earlier don’t require the code we were talking about previously. They are just cvs files and thus don’t need any netcdf functions. It’s just a matter of downloading the csv files from the ftp sites, and loading them using read.csv
The only thing you need to be careful about is that they have more than one line of documentation at the top but the documentation all starts with # - so you will need to include
data <- read.csv(filename, comment.char="#")
Michael Dietze
Mar 29 2016 21:51
@/all I wanted to remind you that you are currently 15 days late on the data download Milestone and 1 day late on the model fit milestone. I see activity here, but it's not translating into updated code on github or material turned in. If you all need to chat please let me know -- you're already a good bit behind going into the busiest part of the semester and I don't want to see this project fall further behind. You're only 13 days away from needing to have your first ensemble forecast done. Be aware that a project with a less ambitious scope that is done will be graded higher than an ambitious incomplete.