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    :point_up: November 12, 2020 3:17 PM

    I have managed to get this working by building from the latest source

    Petteri Kautonen
    Hi, I was wondering if this is a known problem that the electronize build /target win command fails if your user profile file has a white space on Windows. Of course there is a chance that I have miss-configured something while learning to use the software. The error looks like this:
    Grant Chambers
    Hi all, new here! I’m building an ElectronNET app with Blazor, and it’s going well. I’m getting close to building and deploying. Our team uses Azure DevOps for everything. I’ve seen some comments in StackOverflow that indicate that storing the app in Blob storage / Filesystem has worked well. Does anyone have experience with this? Do you just use the endpoint that blob storage gives you as your download / autoupdate , or do you still need a DNS setting (download page)?
    Hello Electron community. Quick and easy question that probably everyone of you knows. What platforms can I target with Electron.NET? I am looking to target WASM, Windows, iOS and Android with one source code and I am quite unsure if this is possible with Electron.NET.
    HI All - I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to Electron and Electron.Net - I'm starting out building an app using Blazor and Electron.Net and just wondering if anyone knows of any working examples of updating an installed Electron.Net app? I've been reading around and trying things but I'm not sure if I should be using Squirrel or the autoupdate - or if there's another option? I've done a few testing bits trying Squirrel but so far I've not managed to get it to work - any pointers to best practice or working examples would be really handy to help me get my head around what needs doing to make this work! :)
    Hi, im trying to implement the basic "close window but dont close instead hide to the system tray icon" and im having trouble with .Hide and overriding the close mechanism. I can post here, but heres the link to the stack question => https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64928845/preventing-closure-and-instead-hide-when-user-clicks-close-on-electronnet-app
    Igor Lukashenya
    Hi, where I can find tutorial for build electron .net blazor app?
    This is very good https://youtu.be/V-h7b7Y_GXU
    The same guy has a lot of good material about blazor in his channel
    Scott Kuhl
    I see a lot of questions in this room but not a lot of answers. 🤔
    It looks like the current version of Electron is 11.0.2 but Electron.NET has not been updated since 9.2.0. Is that correct? Do people feel this project is alive and healthy?
    Anyone know how to get IPC working inside of a React application? I keep getting either issues with fs or require (if I try to use require(electron) in my index.html).
    Gregor Biswanger
    @scottkuhl Hello Scott, the problem is, I'm currently a lone fighter and my business is very busy. There are hardly any donations that would support us to sacrifice more time for them. But your pull requests and those from the community are also a great support. I don't have time for the big update of ElectronNET until December. It won't be long and then we'll rock again!
    9 replies
    Hey Community, we do this open source work in our free time. If you'd like us to invest more time on it, please donate: https://donorbox.org/electron-net
    Thank you!
    Scott Kuhl
    So I have started using Electron.NET on a new project. While there have not been many updates, everything I have tried so far just works. It seems like a very stable project. Digging into the code its mostly just wrappers and a bridge to Electron, so I can totally see why it is stable and low risk to adopt. If I run into any fringe API calls that aren't mapped yet, I'll definitely add PRs.
    After you have a chance to look at my PRs for Electron 11 let me know if there is sonething I missed. I'll try to do the same thing with new versions of Electron as they come out.
    Scott Kuhl
    I keep seeing people reference Chromely. It does not appear to have any APIs into the native system, just a wrapper. Is that correct? While Electron is much "fatter" it also seems to be more features rich.

    Hey, sorry if this question was asked before many times, but I could not find any answer to it.

    Is there a way to "secure" the connection between the ASP.NET backend and frontend with HTTPS and a locally installed certificate?

    Hi, i'm new for electron. I've just created an empty ASP NET Core 3.1 MVC application and electrnoize it by instruction from github. I've built it for linux using last version of CLI. When i start AppImage, form opens after for about one minute. It seems too slow. Is it usual behaivour?
    Sameer Dubey
    I am calling webapi from electron.net application, where do i store token and other user info received?
    Andrés Felipe Toro Serna

    Hey Guys someone knows if is there any way to set the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT by the CLI?

    I saw that: electronize start /args ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT="Development"
    But it is not working for me.

    Any other idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    2 replies
    Elvinas Predkelis

    Hey guys,

    quick question. I'm new to electron, and I just want to know if it's possible to have auto-updates from a private github repo?

    William Roseberry
    @andrestoroserna I'm having the same issue. Did you solve it? Or no luck?
    1 reply
    Sameer Dubey
    How do I restrict electron.net application to have single instance?
    Quaye Isaac

    Urgently need help building NetCore 3.1 Project to raspberryPi 2, armv7l

    The app runs fine on my windows, vs.
    I need the command for building to run on raspberry pi

    Hey @samdubey From manifest json you can do that. There is a field available "SingleInstance". Make it "true".
    1 reply
    Kristian Pedersen

    Hi everyone. We are building a few similar but different versions of our application by tagging .e.g. /manifest electron.manifest.staging.jsonor /manifest electron.manifest.release.jsononto our electronize buildcommands.

    Every manifest file has a different "productName" and "appId" entry in the build portion of the manifest files.

    The windows installer, however, appears to always install to and overwrite whatever is in the directory C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Programs\electron-net\. I guess I was expecting C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Programs\**[productName from the manifest file]**\ or something similar.

    Will this not make it impossible to install more than one ElectronNET application on a Windows system, even from different vendors or am I missing something obvious?

    Have any of you guys dealt with a similar problem?

    1 reply
    Hi I need to create a standalone .NET web application on project that can be ran & debugged on a standalone machine is it possible ?
    1 reply
    William Roseberry
    How do I change the title bar icon? Using Blazor if that makes a difference
    William Roseberry
    I'm trying to use BrowserWindowOptions { Icon = iconPath } but I get an error on startup that the image (.ico, .png, or .svg extensions) could not be created
    Cain Atkinson
    @RoseberryPi can you check in /wwwroot/ for a favicon.ico file?
    Hi @RoseberryPi Update your manifest json file and assign like this:
    "win": {
    "icon": "../../../wwwroot/images/logo.ico",
    "target": "nsis",
    "requestedExecutionLevel": "requireAdministrator",
    "publish": [
    "provider": "github",
    "owner": "Collect.Express",
    "repo": "electron.net-api-demos",
    "token": ">> Insert GH_TOKEN here! <<"
    William Roseberry
    @lakshya-itt Thanks, I ended up coming across that solution a few hours later haha.
    Andrés Felipe Toro Serna

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use this tool https://getuserflow.com/blog/electron with electron.net?

    Hi guys !!
    We are trying to use jszip lib to compress files before uploading. it works in browser but fails in electron.net ? did anyone had the same issue ? i know electron can also zip itself, but we are using both: app in browser and in electron.net, so would love to ommit 2 implementations
    Rambabu Reddy

    Hi All,

    We are able to create the package using the command "electronize build /target win",
    but on running the application throws the error. Application works fine when run using the
    "electronize start".

    Following is the error we are facing

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Request ID: 00-14e1b02be83c904fac725b85478ac832-a693a34187cf0f42-00

    Development Mode
    Swapping to the Development environment displays detailed information about the error that occurred.

    The Development environment shouldn't be enabled for deployed applications. It can result in displaying sensitive information from exceptions to end users. For local debugging, enable the Development environment by setting the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable to Development and restarting the app.

    Could you please help.

    Rambabu Reddy

    Hi All,

    I am able to run the application successfully after removing the PreferExactMatches="@true" from the following in
    App.Razor file. Not sure why this is causing the problem for loading the page in ElectronNET shell control.

    <Router AppAssembly="@typeof(Program).Assembly" PreferExactMatches="@true">


    I'm investigating how to display a BrowserWindow modally.
    BrowserWindowOptions has a Modal option with the following comment, but I don't know how to create a BrowserWindow as a child window without the Parent option.

    /// <summary>
    /// Whether this is a modal window. This only works when the window is a child
    /// window.Default is false.
    /// </ summary>
    public bool Modal {get; set;}

    I specified the parent window with the SetParent method after creating the BrowserWindow, but it didn't work modally.

    Any information would be helpful.

    Hi, did we get the .NET 5.0 support in yet? I noticed the merge, but the global tool yet. Is there a prerelease I could use?
    Luigi Bellanca
    Hi guys, I would like to perform a full-text search on the content of a rendered page, with scroll-into-view functionality for matching words... any hint?
    Hey Guys, I am new in ASP .Net and I want to explore into it through open source contribution. So please suggest beginner level issues to work on.
    Gregor Biswanger

    Electron.NET 11.5.1 has shipped 🚢

    New in this release:
    🖥 Upgrade to Electron 11.1.1 & .NET 5
    💉DI Support with services.AddElectron();
    🎹 F# Support
    ⚙ Shell Options for single exe
    🐞 Fixed Socket errors
    And more...

    Andrés Felipe Toro Serna
    What great news!!!!
    Thanks @GregorBiswanger
    @GregorBiswanger Thank you very much
    Gregor Biswanger
    🙏 We do this open source work in our free time. If you'd like us to invest more time on it, please donate. Donation can be used to increase some issue priority. Thank you! https://donorbox.org/electron-net