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Repo info
    how would i do that or a link to it?
    i think you are saying that the node.js is too new
    whice i found out doing the goingnative tutorial i found
    the only thing i couldnt finish to go native was getting windows 2013 visual studios. So, if you are asking if my node js has been built us an earlier version i Installed node.js 6.14.2
    so, in order for me to get interchange to work i went to the node_modules in my command line. and i NPM install serialport
    this got interchange to work for me. but then when i went to run a normal blink.js that i knew worked thats when the serial port started to act up.
    thanks again.
    im starting to think you are talking about pre-gyp
    sry for the hassle. I'm finding out its my serialport.h file for arduino
    include# softwareserial.h threw the error. im re installing arduino ide to see if my missing serialport.h will be back
    it didnt fix the problem but definetly told me serialport.h is needed and i dont have it or its in the wrong place
    arduino IDE debug that is
    got arduino IDE to compile again. didnt fix the johnny five
    NOde blink problem. sry to ramble on . ill just wait and keep searching for answers. I know were on the topic of "there is not pre build for windows 10"
    j5 error.png
    cowboy henk
    hello everyone
    I want to stop emmiting data from serialport
    how can I do it
    Frank Lemanschik
    Cowboy close the port
    Hi all
    I'm getting errors when trying to use SerialPort. I installed it with npm i serialport
    I'm getting lots of "Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'child_process' in '...\node_modules\serialport\lib\bindings'"
    same with trying to resolve 'fs'. I'm on Windows 10
    (I'm trying to bundle it with webpack – sorry for giving all the info in the wrong order)
    Looks like this just isn't doable and it's not a good idea to use webpack with node-serialport
    Gunnar Oledal
    Hello! Anybody used serialport together with socket.io?
    I have some weird behaviour when i try to write to the serialport in the socket message callback.
    Partap Davis
    Hi all! I'm developing an app on OSX, but trying to also build for Windows and Linux, using electron-builder. Most stuff "just works", but I'm having problems with serialport
    I've looked at electron-rebuild... It seems like I'm on the right track, but I'm not actually seeing any options for platform (win, linux) there... just electron version and arch
    @Dealerpriest I don't monitor this regularly and just get a weekly digest. If you are still having issues, I may be able to help. We have developed a working system using socket.io and serialport
    Partap Davis
    If anyone cares, I figured it out...electron-rebuild wasn't necessary. electron-builder handles it with a postinstall script: "electron-builder install-app-deps"
    Hello everyone, I am trying to install node-serialport on an embedded platform running arm linux. Is there any good way? Not RaspberryPi Thank you!
    Gunnar Oledal
    @AgileDog Thx for the offer! I eventually got it working. The issue was apparently related to the socket code. Actually I didn't get to the bottom of it. But it was somehow related to my client code creating two sockets while my socket-to-serial server only expects one socket connection. When I made sure the client only inititated one socket, everything worked as expected.
    @Dealerpriest Our application allows for multiple browser tabs/windows connected to multiple serial ports. The way we handle this is to use the "rooms" feature of socket.io. The server creates one socket and the clients connect up to individual "rooms" which are, in fact, one socket to one room. This way we can have one socket on the server and as many as we like on the client. Then we keep an array of serial port to client socket on the server side so we can direct serial communications to the correct socket.
    Gunnar Oledal
    @AgileDog neat
    Hello, I need to send the CR (cartridge return) ASCII character as a message, how would I accomplish that
    Hello, I am having issues downloading serialport. I have node v10.3.0. I have seen many more of install issues with serialport but none of the fixes I found worked for me. Here is the code of me trying to install serialport above. Any help is much appreciated.
    Hi, I have a binary data stream with no line termination.. data is separated only by gaps in transmission. So need to implement a parser that has a timeout and supply's the data received during that time.. can any one give me some pointers
    Hi, im trying to make sms sending machine with simple usb mode using node-serialport and it sends messages with no problem but i cant read anything that could resemble modem response, i've tried everything thats available on npmjs.com with mear results, please help :)
    Francois Weber
    Hi everyone, first time question asker here. created a vue cli 3 app. vue added. added the vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder plugin. in the main rendering thread of electron i tried to add "var SerialPort = require('serialport')" and I receive this message "TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined" and a confusing stacktrace. Might be a problem with the plugin might be a problem with the cli. I dont know. Hoping someone may have happened the same problem and have come with a solution. vue-cli 3.0.1 , electron ^2.0.2 and serialport ^6.2.2
    Bryan Hughes
    @rwaldron here's the unmaintained GitHub badge I use: http://unmaintained.tech/
    I'm trying to interface with some hardware where order matters. Messages are new line delimited. I tried to read in only one byte at a time (by setting the highWaterMark to 1) and then send my responses once I see a new line. However I noticed that 10 bytes are read in at once when looking at an EZ-Tap serial port sniffer, so my responses are instantly out of order. Is there a way to read in one byte at a time from the level of the port?
    Steve Lim
    Hi, I am trying to open a serial port with none for flow control. I am following the Github and cannot understand why my port.read is just echoing my port.write

    port.on('open', function(){
    console.log('Port Opened');

    port.on('data', function(data){
    data = data.toString();

    thats all im trying to do
    Steve Lim
    I got it, nothing wrong with the code, it was the device issue
    hello,I can't install serialport on my ubuntu, anyone could help me?
    Sara Mae
    hello all
    Am I missing something trying to use @serialport/stream and mockbindings because I cannot get the realine parser on'data' to fire at all