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Repo info
    Raju Devidas
    IRC bridge test, please ignore
    Chia-Lung Chen
    we have IRC bridge now
    Hey man I love your app
    Chia-Lung Chen
    @EDuToit i am glad you love it :)
    Wow, what next -- telegram bridge? XD
    rajudev Dave (Gitter): why not
    Rafael Tarverdiyev
    hey all
    Dude big thanks for hard work on kaku
    it is probably best youtube client there
    the most liked thing its gui,gui colors
    well done,go on
    will be download videos from youtube future in next releases of Kaku?
    Rafael Tarverdiyev
    Chia-Lung Chen
    it's there already, try to use cmd+d to download track
    Rafael Tarverdiyev
    @EragonJ i use linux,so is it possible do same in linux?
    Rafael Tarverdiyev
    do u plan make it local music player too? Will be awesome
    rajudev Rafael Tarverdiyev (Gitter): the downloads are working for me on Debian
    Chia-Lung Chen
    @RTarverdiyev_twitter people have their preferences for local music player, so Kaku won't focus on this part :) thanks for advices

    Hi, congratulations on your work, Kaku is an excellent player. However, I think there is one function that I think it would be good to have. The possibility of choosing the audio output device.

    Something like this:

    Because I have 2 speaker systems connected to my PC and I would like the audio of the system to play on one and the music on the other.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Flavio Thomaz
    Hi everyone. I have installed kaku just today, in my 2 PCs, one with windows and another with Linux. In none of them kaku worked. Everytime than i open the app, its say "something wrong when updating" and don't play any music and does not play any music that I select
    i just need a solution for this because i really like the app and i want to enjoy that
    Chia-Lung Chen
    thanks for telling me about this issue but i am right now taking vacations and may be responding slowly. I'll find a time to check what's going on . Thanks guys
    if there is anyone willing to jump in to send a PR, it's welcome :)
    Chia-Lung Chen
    ok nvm , I fixed that by myself! Please check the latest version 2.0.2 guys. THanks
    Everything Wrong

    Hi! I really like Kaku <3 I have some suggestions for new features:

    • Dark Theme
    • Drag and drop to rearrange playlists
    • An option to never keep a history
    • An option to change the location of the Shut down, Minimize and Expand buttons from left to right

    With these features, it would be the perfect desktop app for playing music :)

    @EragonJ Hello, I just translated it to Greek, make sure you check it out.
    Chia-Lung Chen
    @rand0x0m thanks for the help!! I'll make a PR and merge that into repo later !!
    @wrongaboutgames_twitter thanks for the comments ... let me think about that :p