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    Robert Merritt
    Tips, ideas, and examples to ace your annotated bibliography assignment I used to wonder, what if I can get a wand that can help me have my essay written. Although it was just an imagination, the fear of having bad grades was so dominant that I often took help from professional writing assistance providers, who are experts in all forms of writing. An annotated bibliography is one of the academic tasks that require you to come up with a critical as well as an exegetical understanding of the topic. There are many purposes for which an annotated bibliography is written, such as critical evaluation of articles, collecting data for essays, and analyzing research methods. Considering the varied purposes and the underlying difficulties in attaining perfection, I used to prefer an online paper writing service until I got a guide that eradicated all the problems. On the basis of the information given in the guide and the feedback I got from my instructors, I am going to share some topics, ideas, and examples that can help you ace your annotated bibliography assignment. Firstly, make sure that personal essay writer make clear notes through a very keen and insightful reading. Then you should separate concrete information from generalized information because annotated bibliography requires vocabulary from the author. Also, separate and note down the quotations because they can be used to emphasize the context of the essay. Make sure to understand the research method completely, as it might need to be added in the bibliography if asked by the examiner. Ask professional writer to write my essay for me and complete your work. In addition to the tips, there are some service provider such as “EssayHours” that can help you write a perfect annotated bibliography. Firstly, don’t read the complete article. It is better if you just skim and scan the work because it will be both time-saving as well as informative. Then, look for concrete and solid aspects such as dates, numeric, and quotations. It will help you come up with the crux of the information source. Evaluate the research methodology critically; it will build your confidence in making the choice of using or leaving the research article or the information source. Then, connect your topic with the observations, and think about how the source supports your topic. Make 3-5 sentences and write them in the annotated bibliography. It will help you have a clear and concise write-up in less time as compared to the detailed procedure. Also, you will be able to have a well-written annotated bibliography if you go through the instructions section and the conclusion section if you don’t have enough time. It is also going to work. You can hire essay writer at reasonable prices for help. Example I’m sharing an annotated bibliography example that can help you come up with a perfect annotated bibliography. Iqbal, S. A., & Tayyab, N. (2021). COVID****19 and children: The mental and physical reverberations of the pandemic. Child: care, health, and development, 47(1), 136-139. Iqbal (2021) conducted research in which he highlighted the physical and mental reverberations of the pandemic. The researcher found that Covid-19 is more like a disaster because it had a negative impact on both, mental well as physical health of the children. There are multiple examples of it, such as lockdown, closure of the institution, no places for amusement and entertainment, and excessive stress in the families that are in return impacting the psychological health of the children. Then the economic gaps are also indirectly impacting the physical health of a lot of children around the globe. Therefore, follow this example and write annotated bibliography like an expert professional essay writer.