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@jalme did you try compiling by hitting ctrl+s on the contract file ?
João Pedro Almeida
Hargobind Gupta
keyboard shortcut for solidity -Atom Ide
i am new to this developer world
the beauty of consensus and algos brought me to this place lol
im from Puerto Rico
Hello yahdielo. Welcome to the world of blocks and bits. 😎
hey guys , just have some problems installing etheratom on ubuntu
I tried all the solutions posted on the github , but none of them succeed
Hello. I have a ERC20 contract, and when I make a transfer, the transfer event that I emit doesn't appear in ethatrom or ganache event section. Why is that?
The transfer is ocurring just fine but the event doesn't appear
@jnuno98 ganache does not emit event. To be able to listen to events, u need to use websocket endpoint and geth client.
Hey all, I am trying to connect to a ganache server hosted in internal network (192.*) and deploy a contract from vscode.. (this is prolly a truffle issue but maybe someone here might have run into similar issue) When i try to deploy the contract in vscode it tries to run a local ganache instead of my truffle config dev one?
@absnobel our plugins do not consider truffle or any other framework configurations. With ethcode or etheratom you will only be able to compile vanilla solidity programs. With etheratom you will only be able to deploy your contracts to your local ganache or locally running blockchain as per your RPC configuration. With vscode, you will be able to deploy to a cloud hosted ganache client. If you choose goerli, you will need to create a keypair in vscode extension accounts page. Then sign the transaction and select deploy to deploy it through our cloud gateway. You will not need to run any node if you are running vscode extension ethcode.
@0mkara neat! Maybe you could me in the proper direction trying a few different configs out.. Essentially the one im checking out now is a poa quorum chain.. But I cant seem to fund accounts... tokens maybe but not the base currency ether on the private chain. would you know any documentation i could check out for this issue by chance?
If you set up private chain you can add primary balance in genesis configuration.
het guys, I'm trying to configure my etheratom to sync with my ganache, but it won't sync, and it won't test my code. Have any ideas
Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 12.13.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 12.13.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 5.05.35 PM.png
ok it's working now but the compiler isn't working
for some reason there is something wrong with the file type
Try save the file you are trying to compile