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Repo info
    Emiliano Heyns
    xcode is in apps, I think it will remember the checkout of DM
    I have the command line parameters set to disable the main monitor
    I need to go brush my daughter's teeth, I'll be back in a few minutes
    Tobias Salzmann
    I am not sure if you have seen it i have tracked down the problem
    Emiliano Heyns
    Alright, I'm back
    I see the TV session is closed an my laptop still works :)
    Tobias Salzmann
    ya the problem is basicly CGDisplayIsOnline
    somehow it blocks forever
    you are running the new macbook air right?
    Emiliano Heyns
    Yes, it's about a month old
    Emiliano Heyns
    Tobias Salzmann
    I started a private chat
    Maybe it doesnt work
    lets make a TeamViewer Session? So I can try to compile?
    Emiliano Heyns
    Tobias Salzmann
    Now? Or Later?
    So quick question about the functionality here - what I'm trying to do is use a monitor connected via a USB3 display link adapter when my MBP is in clamshell mode. The problem is that the DisplayLink adapter/apple don't support this configuration. Does DisableMonitor actually disable the display or just turn it off?
    Simon Hodgkiss
    Hello, Is there away to stop my Mac from moving my windows to another screen when I turn off the main screen even when the screens are disabled using this app.
    Tobias Salzmann
    No there is no way, but you could always fork and create an option for it.
    it is not working for me
    i have an iMac 27, a screen trough thunderbolt. Click on disable the iMac.. it wont disable.
    any idea ?
    How can I fix my display now that it has gone blank?
    Joao Lopes
    Hi, @Tobias thanks to bring us this excellent tool, the disable/enable and resolutions is very good. congrats.
    I always use a magnet to 'emulate' a closed lid!
    @Eun Hello! Yesterday I ran this app (DisableMonitor G1.92), and now my external HDDs spin without sleeping when connected to the USB Bus (even if ejected/dismounted in the software). Any idea what happened (and how it can be undone)? It's a late 2013 iMac (iMac14,3) running Mojave (10.14.6). I'm hoping you can help. (I'm also trying to contact you on Twitter in case you don't see this.) Thanks!
    Nhut Le
    Hi, DisableMonitor stops working right now. Do you know any alternative tools? Thank you.