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Jun 2015
Mat Wood
Jun 12 2015 02:37
Hi Thomas, I'm back and just wanted to sync up about documentation. If you have any vision or specific sections that you'd want tackled first, let me know!
Thomas Mangin
Jun 12 2015 06:42
Hi @thepacketgeek - I am totally rewritting the configuration parser to get rid of the technical debt it is. It should be best to document the work when completed. I am half way through, most of the recent code is not commited. I will try to keep backward compatibility but for some things ( like process section inside neighbor it will not be possible ).
Mat Wood
Jun 12 2015 14:58
Sounds good, I'm looking forward to the changes! I decided to help with the documentation while trying to figure out some config issues with the current version, so this should be fun.