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Jul 2015
Thomas Mangin
Jul 08 2015 07:40

master on github has a new configuration parser, passing all our updated tests, as it is not backward compatible update with GREAT care.

Unless I forgot something the changes are :

  • The group feature is gone and will be replaced by an inheritance system ( it exists now but do not take the current format as final )
  • the process section has been changed as was described in issue #280 Exa-Networks/exabgp#280 ( the encoder is now mandatory and its syntax will change too )
  • Flow rules with more than one argument now need parenthesis
    for example source-port =80 =8080 is now source-port [ =80 =8080 ]
  • Single line flow routes can be used ( the hack for multi-line support for the API is not supported anymore ). Just do not use the word "match" and "then" ( the bracket on the format were required for this feature )

I may have forgotten other things as it is a full re-implementation and took around a month. Do not expect the new parser to be faster ( it is most likely slower at this moment ) as the primary goal was to make it easier to extend and hack on.

Due to this change the next release will be 4.0.0 ( as backward incompatible with the 3.x.x configuration format ).
The api "announce attribute" is not yet implemented in the new format.

Thomas Mangin
Jul 08 2015 10:53
An issue was fixed on master where ExaBGP was sending multiple MPRNLRI in the same UPDATE which is not allowed by the RFC
Thomas Mangin
Jul 08 2015 14:57
announce attribute was re-added but is now called announce attributes (plurial)