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Oct 2015
Oct 26 2015 18:36
Hi there
any one around?
I'm trying to integrated exabgp with gns3
is there a pre-constructed VM?
if not wich is the minimal requirements so I can build my own
Thomas Mangin
Oct 26 2015 19:45
Yes - around - just a bit late
I am not aware of any pre-made vm - sorry
To run exabgp, you need a base install and the source of exabgp
nothing more
Oct 26 2015 20:26
thank you @thomas-mangin
do you know what is the smalest vm requirements that the vm should have ?
I think python is the minimun
I'm going offline know but tomorow I will continue this discussion
Thomas Mangin
Oct 26 2015 20:36
python .. memory utilisation depends greatly on usage