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Jan 2016
Thomas Morin
Jan 08 2016 13:46 UTC
hi @thomas-mangin I was wondering when you think you'll be able to publish release 4 branch (ie. master) on pypi
the reason is that I would like to use, in the Openstack CI, the bagpipe-bgp branch that uses exabgp upstream instead of using an internal fork of exabgp
an the Openstack CI tools do not allow consuming external projects via git clone
the only way to consume exabgp recent code would thus to have a beta of exabgp4 published on pypi
Thomas Mangin
Jan 08 2016 15:17 UTC
hi @tmmorin - I am still in the middle of an office move - so I will be some time before I can work on exabgp again. Are the code you have not on 3.4 ? I was going to make 3.4 a LTS so it would make sense to use this base.
Otherwise it may be best to back port your change to it ?
oh ! and happy new year :smile: