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Mar 2016
Bo-Han Liao
Mar 17 2016 12:17
Hello everyone, I'd like to ask a question. Hope I didn't cause any inconvenience here. .u.
I tried to run to exabgp on Windows but got no luck, it seems I need to find several Unix modules in order to get it work. Do anyone have idea or tips how to make it run on Windows?
Btw I'm glad I found this software on github, this could save a lot of time. keep up the good work! :smile:
Thomas Mangin
Mar 17 2016 12:20
Sorry ExaBGP is unix only ...
To run it on windows: install virtualbox, run linux on it :wink:
Bo-Han Liao
Mar 17 2016 13:34
Aww okay. Thanks for help. :)