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Jan 2017
Job Snijders
Jan 02 2017 11:47
@thomas-mangin the shutdown branch can now decode the shutdown communication properly: :smile:
this is openbgpd sending a shutdown communication to exabgp
Thomas Mangin
Jan 02 2017 16:51
ok - let me look at the branch - today is the first day I open my laptop since xmas .. I had a detox .. I needed it.
So any implementation which would have dumped some hex data in 6.2 which would have been over 128 bytes is now invalid ?
shutdown_length = struct.unpack('B', data[0])[0]
It can raise ..
sorry me bad
Thomas Mangin
Jan 02 2017 16:57
I assume that no one before used any data with 6.2 - even if it was possible ..
Thomas Mangin
Jan 02 2017 18:09
@job please look at my rewrite