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Mar 2017
Thomas Morin
Mar 02 2017 15:23
hi thomas!
@thomas-mangin I was wondering if there were plans to do a release based on the exabgp master branch (4.0.0?)
@thomas-mangin asking, because this would help CI and packaging work on networking-bagpipe (openstack stuff)
Thomas Mangin
Mar 02 2017 15:54
Yes, I am planning to do a 4.0.0 (unstable) release soon - just want to change a little how the template works in the config file
as once it is released I will not be able to change the format
If you want to create a branch for yourself, feel free - I can give you access to the repo if you do not already have it
Thomas Morin
Mar 02 2017 15:58
nice to hear @thomas-mangin that 4.0.0 is coming soon
a branch would not help a lot, what will help though is having a pypi release
this is great