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Mar 2017
Thomas Morin
Mar 21 2017 08:56
@thomas-mangin in the context of openstack/networking-bagpipe we use exabgp as a library and we need support for both python2 and python3 -- making the code python3-only would make our life harder
@thomas-mangin from this standpoint, it would seem nice to me to make exabgp4 recommended to run with python2 and incrementaly making it work with python3 as well (not instead)
@thomas-mangin then later move to python3 only with 4.1 or 5
@thomas-mangin it seems to me that moving to python3-only would remove the ability to run exabgp with pypy, which I thought some people were doing to scale higher (?)
Thomas Mangin
Mar 21 2017 13:10
@tmmorin the part of the code which really on co-routing is the exabgp Engine which is not used by BaGPipe. So I would be happy to keep the lib/exabgp/message part of the code compatible python2
I do not intend to break python2 compatibility immediately, but I prefer to announce that exabgp 4 is python3 first python2 second to set the right expectations.
pypy has python3 support for some time now .. on my mac, brew intall pypy3 gives