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May 2017
Chip Gwyn
May 09 2017 13:41
Hi, I'm trying to announce a prefix that's already in the table, but I want to add some
communities and increase the local-preference so the route heard from exabgp is preferred
over the one that's already in the table. The next-hop will stay the same. The router
receiving the route is marking it as "received-only". These are ibgp sessions and the
bgp session from router to exabgp is setup so that exabgp is a route-reflector client.
Can't seem to get it to propogate. Is there some BGP mechanism I'm overlooking that's
not allowing this to happen?
Chip Gwyn
May 09 2017 14:07
n/m sorted it out, stupid route policies
Thomas Morin
May 09 2017 15:31
hi @thomas-mangin I've just made a pull request to merge my py3 tree, which I believe covers a large part of what was missing
Thomas Mangin
May 09 2017 18:38
@chipgwyn glad it works
@tmmorin I will pull
Thomas Morin
May 09 2017 20:28
@thomas-mangin cool :)
I'm also investigating why qa/bin/conversation test fail, some tests seem surprising or not cleanup
in some other cases, exabgp seems to indeed have a bug
I'm filling bugs to track these
(but none of this is python3 related)