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May 2017
Nagarjun G
May 16 2017 07:21
I know that this is not the place to ask form but still thought I may get a response from a bgp experts on debugging the issue
We are running an OpenBGPD router inside an AS we own. We are collecting BGP RIB files every 2 hours and UPDATE files every 5 mins. I tried parsing these files using some well known parses like bgpstream and mabo. I am able to parse RIB files successfully but I am unable to parse UPDATE files. I see that files are getting truncated.

Commands used to dump files:

dump table-v2 "/tmp/rib-dump-v2-%Y%m%d%H%M" 7200
dump updates in "/tmp/updates-%Y%m%d%H%M" 300

Thomas Mangin
May 16 2017 07:32
Never used any of the tools listed - good luck