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Jun 2017
Jun 02 2017 11:30
hi thomas, i tried to apply such a config i wrote yesterday, but exabgp says duplicate peer definition.
Brian Johnson
Jun 02 2017 17:24
@thomas-mangin Something in commit c88967c2e347 seems to have broken things. When that commit is applied to my tree, all peers keep getting 'peer reset, message [] error[]' after their openconfirm and never come up to established.
Brian Johnson
Jun 02 2017 17:38
Found a traceback I missed in our logs, just pushed a fix for the issue.
Thomas Mangin
Jun 02 2017 21:53
@brijohn Thanks for the fix. I did not see the issue but I have to fix all the tests before 4.0.1 ...
Yes, c88967c2e347 was quite an intrusive patch .. but I thought I had checked it fully :-(