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Jun 2017
Jun 27 2017 05:38

When starting the exabgp via systemd (service exabgp start) ( /usr/sbin/exabgp /etc/exabgp/exabgp.conf )
The watcher cant start and errors:

INFO | 8411 | processes | Could not start process watch-application
INFO | 8411 | processes | reason: [Errno 13] Permission denied

Running in debug mode it works fine! ( /usr/sbin/exabgp -d /etc/exabgp/exabgp.conf )

Jun 27 2017 05:53
Got it! Thought it was a user issue, but couldnt see where it dropped privs, but found it in the env file. Thanks
Thomas Mangin
Jun 27 2017 11:53
Happy to help. Even happier when I have nothing to do, I will change the message to include suggestions of what could be wrong