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Jul 2017
Jul 05 2017 13:17
Is there any way I can retrieve the "reactor" information in a process? I wasn't able to find any information on that
lets say I'm trying to publish a route and the neighbor doesn't exist, the reactor indicates this error in the shell, but I would want to handle that error or success in a process
Thomas Mangin
Jul 05 2017 17:54
I will expose the log history to the API - not sure it is a good idea tho … It is not designed to be parsed
You know that with master you can check peer status with the cli, don't you ?
Jul 05 2017 23:54
well in a loose coupled environment things might go downhill, the non configured neighbor was just one example.... I would probably want some feedback if the command was well formed and makes sense... wouldn't I? Also since I feel like the API changes over time even if it is just additions. Some form of feedback seams handy to me!?!?
maybe an api stanzer to "subscribe" to it and then you get some json reflectiong the command, the "exit status" like $? and the reactor string as detailed (human readable) failure description. Something like that?