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Jul 2017
Jul 06 2017 00:06
as I now see the reactor displaying messages like "connected to peer-1" I might clarify. I would want feedback on API commands I'm interactively sending.
Evelio Vila
Jul 06 2017 01:03
basically both AFi and SAFI have the use the same naming convention (BGP-LS) so I added '-' to make the difference. In any case I have no particular preference, if you think we need to change this I can take a look into it.
Cisco uses link-state for both the SAFI and the AFI, while Junos uses traffic-engineering for the AFI and unicast for the SAFI :/
Thomas Mangin
Jul 06 2017 06:57
@steiler on master you get a "done" or "error" line back for every command used.
Unless exabgp.api.ack is set to false - which removes the feedback.
Thomas Mangin
Jul 06 2017 07:02
@ruissalo in that case I will rename the safi to bgp-ls which will match the afi. Thank you for explaining .
Weird choices for both Junos and Cisco !
Jul 06 2017 08:57
Alright, I gonna go check that out.
Thomas Mangin
Jul 06 2017 12:55
Luke Hinds
Jul 06 2017 13:08
hey @thomas-mangin