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Jan 2018
Thomas Morin
Jan 11 2018 08:54
@thomas-mangin Hi Thomas, Happy New Year !
@thomas-mangin We would need a 4.0.3 release to be done soon, to allow our next openstack networking-bagpipe release to solve an interop issue with E-VPN
do you think this is something that could happen soon ?
is there anything in particular holding on 4.0.3 ?
Thomas Mangin
Jan 11 2018 11:08
There is a few issues I need to fix … when that would be for ?
Jan 11 2018 18:56
@thomas-mangin I did not get time to look into Exa-Networks/exabgp#723 since, but was able to repro yesterday on top of master.
I will post a new comment with clear step and configs
@tmmorin this might be of interest to you
Thomas Morin
Jan 11 2018 21:14
@thomas-mangin sorry for the delayed answer...
the dependency freeze will be the week of Jan 22-26, roughly in two weeks - a change of deps for a bugfix can still be done afterwards, but will be harder to get in
Thomas Mangin
Jan 11 2018 23:28
ok - went through all the open issues - I will try to fix the two last one before release but otherwise I will do it way before the freeze.