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Jan 2018
Rens Houben
Jan 25 2018 08:22
In the old version of ExaBGP I could use the script interface to send "show routes"and I'd get the route list back. That command seems to be missing in the new version, or did I miss something? I'm still trying to parse the new reactor code, and while it looks a great deal cleaner it also seems to be missing a number of commands...
Thomas Mangin
Jan 25 2018 10:13
@kaosdrachen the command name have changed and most likely will do again.
can not recall what its called without looking at the code which I can not do ATM
Rens Houben
Jan 25 2018 11:29
Joy. Okay, i'll keep trying. The 'help' command isn't terribly helpful at the moment, probably for the same reason.