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Feb 2018
Feb 06 2018 08:02
is there a command for clear annonce prefix? Sometimes i need to remove a lot of prefix from the session but it takes a very long time.
Thomas Mangin
Feb 06 2018 08:12
@monstaff no - but feel free to create a feature request for this
Kai S
Feb 06 2018 15:48
Hi. I'm experiencing an error in the logs:
ERROR    | 30238  | configuration | the route family is not configured on neighbor
Now, the sessions work fine, the updates work fine, but the Error itches.
this is exabgp 3.4.17 btw
Thomas Mangin
Feb 06 2018 16:52
You are most likely trying to send IPv6 addresses (or VPNv4, or, or) on a link which does not have the family negotiated.
The family could be missing on ExaBGP’s configuration, your peer configuration, or both.