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May 2018
May 02 2018 15:27
hi, anyone here knows what the "reset" command does with exabgpcli?
Thomas Mangin
May 02 2018 16:04
no - I need to read the code — LOL
5 sec
ok - it clears the queue of pending command not yet completed
Not really something I would advise to use unless you have a backlog and really need to
May 02 2018 17:53
@thomas-mangin actually, I have some racy condition where it may help....
basically, the subprocess dies (for whatever reason) while exabgp was still answering to a command with a lot of content (say "show adj-rib out extensive" with many routes). Upon restart of the subprocess, the stdin pipe is going to be filled/filling up with the answers from the previous command. Given that the rest of the program assumes an interaction of sending/recving command behind a lock, so everything being sequential, this messes everything up because essentially the first command would read the remaining content from the command before dying until it reads done/error, the second command would read the reply of the first command, the 3rd of the 2nd ...
one of the idea is to bootstrap the subprocess with a "version" command and read from the pipe until we see somehting that starts with "exabgp "