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    Joe Mordica
    Thanks for getting back with me!
    Joe Mordica
    Are you guys still open for accepting PR’s? We will be submitting additional PR’s related to enhancing the MySQL plugin along with a prometheus exporter etc.. if so.
    Is this room still active?
    BG Bruno

    I like #sqlite and works pretty much good with #strapi and #directus

    seems to me still better choice than use "cloud db" but I need more instances into 1file - so I searched and found this article https://sqlite.org/forum/info/339d237d6517783a which refers to you

    I what I read is pretty great https://bedrockdb.com very good builded project 😃👏

    Q) so it is process service above #sqlite connected through port for sync ?

    Q) it that communications encrypted somehow ?

    Q) how colisions are handeled ?

    Lauri Ojansivu
    About various databases:


    Problem with NoSQL, like MongoDB, is about how to make those queries with Javascript. I'm currently trying to do some query in Javascript, but I have not got it working it yet. I do know how to do it with SQL.

    For MySQL or PostgreSQL, if you sometime get a lot of data, it may happen that you would need to migrate to SQLite to keep costs manageable:

    Many small queries are efficient in SQLite:

    Using SQLite is 35% faster than using filesystem:

    If you need global scale with SQLite, there is BedrockDB:

    For GDPR encrypted stuff, there is Databunker:

    If MySQL is not your preferred option, you could also look is MySQL compatible Noria any better:

    If I remember correcly something from interview, encrypting network traffic could be done with vpn. But please check from BedrockDB docs
    or source code
    Lauri Ojansivu
    Huh, in multizone docs is vpn mentioned
    AFAIK BedrockDB keeps data in RAM for fast queries, and persists on disk
    Lauri Ojansivu
    It's possible to stream backup sqlite with https://litestream.io/
    Anyway, I have not yet used BedrockDB. It's just that I remember something from interview of BedrockDB and noticed some new activity on this chat channel
    Hi, I presume(/hope) this is the case, but is bedrock "safe" (if not fast) to run on "typical" cloud network attached storage (as opposed to local physical disks) as long as there is only a signal server attached to it?
    Footie Fives
    hi, Im having problems connecting using the mysql client. the port seems open but the client just hangs
    azureuser@Horseportal:~$ mysql -h
    azureuser@Horseportal:~$ mysql -V
    mysql Ver 8.0.29-0ubuntu0.20.04.3 for Linux on x86_64 ((Ubuntu))
    May 16 13:30:09 Horseportal bedrock: xxxxxx (main.cpp:377) main [main] [info] [performance] main poll loop timing: 10001 ms elapsed. 10001 ms in poll. 0 ms in postPoll.
    May 16 13:30:14 Horseportal bedrock: xxxxxx (BedrockServer.cpp:2127) _acceptSockets [main] [dbug] Accepting socket from '' on port 'localhost:3306'
    May 16 13:30:14 Horseportal bedrock: xxxxxx (BedrockServer.cpp:2260) handleSocket [socket2] [info] Socket thread starting
    May 16 13:30:16 Horseportal bedrock: xxxxxx (STCPManager.cpp:196) shutdown [socket2] [dbug] Shutting down socket ''
    May 16 13:30:16 Horseportal bedrock: xxxxxx (BedrockServer.cpp:2421) handleSocket [socket2] [info] Socket thread complete (0 remaining)
    running on Azure
    bedrock seems to be running fine

    nc localhost 8888
    Query: SELECT 1 AS foo, 2 AS bar;

    200 OK
    commitCount: 1
    nodeName: Horseportal
    peekTime: 163
    totalTime: 323
    unaccountedTime: 133
    Content-Length: 16

    foo | bar
    1 | 2

    Footie Fives
    Has anyone been able to get Bedrock to complie on the Raspberry Pi?
    maxDBs(max(maxDBs, 1ul)) error
    g++-9 -g -std=c++17 -fpic -DSQLITE_ENABLE_NORMALIZE -O2 -Wall -Werror -Wformat-security -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations -I/home/pi/Bedrock -I/home/pi/Bedrock/mbedtls/include -MMD -MF .build/sqlitecluster/SQLitePool.d -MT .build/sqlitecluster/SQLitePool.o -o .build/sqlitecluster/SQLitePool.o -c sqlitecluster/SQLitePool.cpp
    sqlitecluster/SQLitePool.cpp: In constructor ‘SQLitePool::SQLitePool(size_t, const string&, int, int, int, const string&, int64_t, bool)’:
    sqlitecluster/SQLitePool.cpp:13:26: error: no matching function for call to ‘max(size_t&, long unsigned int)’
    : _maxDBs(max(maxDBs, 1ul)),
    Footie Fives
    I got Bedrock compiled for the Raspberry Pi and working ok.
    Footie Fives
    quick question. I cant get any sqlite clients to work with the bedrock.db file. sqlite or sqlitebrowser allsays its not in an sqlite file format
    Footie Fives
    is the file format of the db file incompatible with the sqlite clients?