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How to use the same credentials in the two server since I'm using load balancer
hi, how to use socket.io in expressgateway
I am getting connect EADDRNOTAVAIL - Local ( this error
Jess Karol
Do conditions in a pipeline get tried in the sequence they are defined in? What about pipelines? Also, with multiple pipelines, is it possible to have a default one that catches any routes that were not previously satisfied by the other pipelines?
Fabricio Canez
Hi, everyone! I would like to get all the users... So I use GET https://{my_url}/gateway/admin/users?start=0. It returns the first user and a nextKey value. But when I make a new search using GET https://{my_url}/gateway/admin/users?start={nextKey value of previous search}, there's no more records inside this search. But I still have more users. Could anyone here help me, please?
hi i want to using https in express-gateway . i m using micro service. i test eg document example about https but not work please send me one correct example
Jose Perera Morales
Hi, can someone take a look at this performance issue: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63723869/express-gateway-degraded-causing-huge-delays-on-requests I really appreciate any help

Hello All,

Are there any known issues with Express-Gateway behind an NGINX proxy? We're having issues with the host option of the api-endpoints it doesn't seem to match

Celso Miranda
I would like to know if it is possible for me to create a route at the gateway so that it is directed to that endpoint?
Muhammad Ameer Hamza
Hi, can someone please share getting started tutorials for Express gateway in a good way, thanks
Is the roadmap still up to date?
Hi, is there any examples of service discovery within express gateway ?
Hi everyone, is websocket support still in development?
Muhammad Amin
Can we do custom authentication using mongo db in express gateway ?
2 replies
is express-gateway created with passport.js ?
Shardul Sawane
Do any one has a detailed documentation for getting started with express gateway. I have started but not able to create the apiKey and not able to go further with the details?
neha sachan

Hi Team,

just want to know, if express gateway is best fitt for golang micro-services ???

because golang is multi-threaded

Hi, can anyone facing issue like this in oauth-introspection

My API's are unauthorized even though the token is valid and the response from the authorization server is also showing active:true but express-gateway not allowing the API to passthrough

Mohammad Syed
Is there a way to redirect users to a specific path if their policy renders them unauthorized? Use case would be to redirect to login screen which would generate a JWT for them.
Can anybody share implementation steps for Socket with Express gateway ?
@SALOME78_gitlab @SALOME78_gitlab Did you solve that problem(ERROR: Configuring yargs through package.json is deprecated and will be removed in a future major release, please use the JS API instead)?
express gateway is not passing header
Hello. So I am looking at the express-gateway document for req/resp data transformation and it is unclear how this api gateway transformation data such as xml to json, json to xml as a gateway should do before sending to a micro-service? I found this article in the blog, but that talks about using express directly. Am I missing or not understanding how express-gateway req/resp transform plug-ins work or does express-gateway just not support that?
Hi Everyone! I am trying to use the CORS policy for one of my endpoints. But no matter what setting I provide, it allows the request to pass through. I want to restrict the endpoint access to a particular origin. Need some help!
This is how I am trying to configure the CORS policy:
      - auth
      - cors:
          - action:
              origin: [http://www.example.com]
              methods: "OPTIONS,POST"
              optionsSuccessStatus: 204
Hi, can you help me fix config express gateway ?
please help me this problem
Hi Everyone, Can someone share the how to make use of docker with express-gateway and how can expose services in container ? I am working on CI/CD pipeline from jenkins to docker
Hello Guys i keep receiving this from a service of mine [EG:policy] warn: socket hang up when uploading file
Hello Everyone! Does anybody happen to know how to enable CRSF protection in express gateway?

hello everyone, I want to know if we can change remote express gateway config from outside. Is there a api exposed for admins, to enable changing config without having to change the docker image of eg?

Our use case is we have an infrastructure based on tenants and want to change the config in run time without having container restarts or image changes

Is there any way to how I can use rate-limit for a specific path ?

port: 9000
port: 9876
hostname: localhost
host: localhost

  - '/delete'
  - '/update'

url: 'http://localhost:3000'

  • basic-auth
  • cors
  • expression
  • key-auth
  • log
  • oauth2
  • proxy
  • rate-limit
    • cust
    • rate-limit:
      • action:

        Limit to 1 per minute

        max: 1
        windowMs: 100000
    • proxy:
      • action:
        serviceEndpoint: custsurv
        changeOrigin: true
Like I want to use rate-limit for /delete path
Helloo everybody , whyyy the body is sent always empty
and how can i generate API documentation (swagger) from express gateway ?
also how to use scopes in oauth2 ? key-auth with scopes works but oauth2 it does not work
hey all. is Express Gateway still under (active) development? Or is the last version really from September 2019?
how to implement express gateway with kubernetes ?
aOmmy Indy

hi, I have questions about policies: response-transformer

      - sampleEndpoint
      - response-transformer:
        - action:
                hello: "'world'"
                r-test: "'header value'"
      - proxy:
          - action:
              serviceEndpoint: backend

we can not proxy action serviceEndpoint: backend or not ?

I want to mock response-transformer some json
for loadtest and not loadtest 3rd party
@XVincentX hi, is this product still active? or deprecated?