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Azlan Aziz

curl https://thuleen.ddns.net:4444/ip -k works on the same machine but get connection refused when do on remote machine:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to thuleen.ddns.net port 4444: Connection refused

I already check UFW status:

[ 7] 4444 ALLOW IN Anywhere

Any idea how to resolve this. Thank you!

Azlan Aziz
Solved. Apparently I have to remove the hostname under the https, so the config file:
  port: 4444
  hostname: localhost   // remove this line
        key: server.key
        cert: server.crt
Rajen Rawal
Hi guys
How can I use environment variables
Rajen Rawal
I made .env file on root directory then use it on config port: ${HTTP_PORT:-8080}
like this
1 reply
but something not good here
Abdullah khan
Hello all, Does any one know any simplest tutorial on how to use express api gateway ?
Samuel Kitazume
Abdullah, you will probably find the documentation quite good. I had no problem getting a test up and running in a few minutes
Btw, guys, quick question on some conditions: pathMatch (built-in) and pathmatch (from rewrite plugin). Why do they use req.url instead of req.path? I think a better solution would be creating a urlMatch and a pathMatch to distinguish... I faced a situation this week that I had to dig into the code to understand how it was handling it.
Job Schipper
Anyone has experience with using express gateway to create a REST API for a SOAP service?
ive been searching if there are existing plugins for it, but so far nothing came up. anyone can point me in the right direction on how i could implement it?
Samuel Kitazume
Never done that but they do have a Request Transformer policy... it’s not so customizable as you need but that means you can create your own policy for your business rules
Although I think what you need is morr a BFF than a Gateway, so you may want to take another approach
Hi everybody. When I restart the express-gateway, the users are gone.
How can I get around this?
Al Tsang
Get Redis
Read the documentation - you are using the in-memory db
Hi, how to add a custom policy with no action parameters to a pipeline?
Samuel Kitazume
Why would you want that?
Praveen TVS
hi i am looking for API gateway
would like to know is express api gateway is community version or it also have liceneced version and where can i check pricing
Samuel Kitazume
Seems like express-gateway is free to use
do we have to create a consumer for every new end user?
or am i missing sth?
Samuel Kitazume
I think it depends on your app actually... do you need some level of authentication? In my case I have no consumers
ohhhh okay I read the Getting-started and assumed
thanks !
Juan C Soto
Hi, Is this project maintained? Any idea when node 14 will be supported?
Samuel Kitazume
jcsotoarvelaiz (Juan C Soto): I’m getting the feeling the project is not very active
But you can take a look at the roadmap in their website
Hi, i'm searching a way to stream audio, but I don't know how to pass through gateway, I see the request stream plugin but not much information on this
Samuel Kitazume
Hmmm it doesn’t look like those are related tho, but I’m no expert on that :(
okay :c thanks
Shubham Tyagi

Hi Everyone,

I am using microservices in one of my project.

I have a problem let assume we have 4 services & In all my services some files are uploading using multer. Now when I pushing the code the live server then I am facing an issue.

I have a gateway host which is you can assume https://api.xyz.com (It will be localhost in the case of local environment).

Now comes to my services so let assume we have user-service, admin-service so in this serviceEndpoints will be http://localhost:3000 & http://localhost:30001 respectively. Now If I want to access the image in admin service those are uploaded through user service. I need to buy a separate domain for that or a sub domain for that. Now if I have 100 services in my express gateway then I will need 100 domain or sub domains for that.

Please help me.

(PS: This is working correct in case of JSON data just because right now in server environment the service end point is localhost. So it fetch data from DB. But problem with files).

Sushan Shrestha
Sushan Shrestha
How do I configure interaction between my own authentication server and Express-Gateway? can someone help please?
Samuel Kitazume
Hello, what do you mean, Sushan?
Rail Way
Hi, Everyone
I want to build simple gateway with express-gateway
My config is like below
  port: 8080
  port: 9876
    host: localhost
    paths: "/ip"
    methods: 'GET,POST,PUT' 
    host: localhost
    paths: '/api*'
  httpbin: # will be referenced in proxy policy
    url: 'https://httpbin.org'
  hrService: # will be referenced in proxy policy
    url: 'http://localhost:5000'
  - basic-auth
  - cors
  - expression
  - key-auth
  - log
  - oauth2
  - proxy
  - rate-limit
      - api
      - proxy:
          - action:
              serviceEndPoint: httpbin
              changeOrigin: true
      - hr
          - action:
              origin: '*'
              methods: ['HEAD','PUT','PATCH','POST','DELETE']
          - action:
              serviceEndPoint: hrService
Looks like I copied and pasted the sample config but I am getting Bad Gateway response in postman
hrService endpoint is working correctly
but can't reach via gateway
And httpbin endpoint does also respond with bad gateway
what's wrong in my config?
Rail Way
Bad Gateway
This is postman response