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Rail Way
My config is like below
  port: 8080
  port: 9876
    host: localhost
    paths: "/ip"
    methods: 'GET,POST,PUT' 
    host: localhost
    paths: '/api*'
  httpbin: # will be referenced in proxy policy
    url: 'https://httpbin.org'
  hrService: # will be referenced in proxy policy
    url: 'http://localhost:5000'
  - basic-auth
  - cors
  - expression
  - key-auth
  - log
  - oauth2
  - proxy
  - rate-limit
      - api
      - proxy:
          - action:
              serviceEndPoint: httpbin
              changeOrigin: true
      - hr
          - action:
              origin: '*'
              methods: ['HEAD','PUT','PATCH','POST','DELETE']
          - action:
              serviceEndPoint: hrService
Looks like I copied and pasted the sample config but I am getting Bad Gateway response in postman
hrService endpoint is working correctly
but can't reach via gateway
And httpbin endpoint does also respond with bad gateway
what's wrong in my config?
Rail Way
Bad Gateway
This is postman response
Hi everyone
I've got a problem that I want to add some extra request header when the request pass though the express-gateway.
But I failed with the request-transformer plugin.
Also the headers in pipeline optional reference not works.
Here's my config.yaml file:
      - aggregateAPIs
      - log: # policy name
          - action:    # array of condition/actions objects
                message: ${req.method} ${req.originalUrl} # parameter for log action
      - cors:
          - action:
                origin: 'http://localhost:4200'
                methods: 'PUT,POST,GET,DELETE,OPTIONS'
                allowedHeaders: ['X-Requested-With', 'Authorization', 'content-type']
                credentials: true
      - sso:
      - key-auth:
          - condition:
              name: expression
              expression: "req.headers['authorization']? req.headers['authorization'].indexOf('apiKey') == 0 : false"
              message: "consumer key"
      - onboard:
          - condition:
              name: expression
              expression: "req.headers['eg-consumer-id']"
              message: "3rd party user onboard process"
      - acl:
      - expression: 
          - action:    
              jscode: 'req.url.indexOf("/cogarch/api") == 0 ? req.url = req.url.substring(8, req.url.length) : null;' 
      - error:
      - proxy: # policy name
          - action:
              serviceEndpoint: aggregateService
              changeOrigin: true
                request-header-test: "request-header-test"
1 reply
Hi :wave: Team, I've created two react apps -- one serving on port 3000 and the other serving on port 4000 on my local machine and set up express gateway in front of them. Although I can see the proper sources being shown in the browser's developer tools when I hit the gateway endpoint, the browser is not rendering those pages. The pages are rendering correctly when I hit the individual endpoints corresponding to the react apps. Any idea where I'm going wrong?
Not sure if this is relevant, but the each of the two apps have multiple routes operating within them (Using react's BrowserRouter)
is there a way to create own login and dialog UIs?
Robert Simpson
When I follow the credential creation instructions on https://www.express-gateway.io/getting-started/, I get hung up indefinitely after I run the eg credentials create command.
I get three messages after I execute the command. All three say "Configuring yargs through package.json is deprecated and will be removed in a future major release, please use the JS API instead."
The credentials appear to be created; eg credentials list shows all the attempts I made. But when I retry my cURL against the http://localhost:8080/ip I get a string of HTML that ultimate spells out "Cannot GET /ip"
Robert Simpson
I fixed the issue. The key-auth key in my gateway.config.yml file was not indented correctly.
However, that only solves the problem with the 'Cannot GET /ip". It does not solve the indefinite hang up after executing eg credentials create
How To Use Environment Variables In Express Gateway ?run different env with gateway.config.yaml,i can not watch video with https://vimeo.com/259108554
Tarun Pai
Hey, has anyone implemented helmet for security headers with express-gateway?
Is there a way where i can assign API's to application or restrict API to few applications only ?
Samuel Kitazume
What do you mean?
To allow only certain endpoints?
yes.. it should get validated based on API key
like i should be able to map API's against API key. if user hits any other endpoint it should give error in response
example /hello /world /hi are 3 apis. /hello and /world is mapped to app1. if he tries to access /hi he should get unauthorized or invalid access error
As he is only authorized to use /hello and /world api only
I dont think such mechanism exists currently in express-gateway
@samuelkitazume:matrix.org Can you comment ?
Samuel Kitazume
If you cannot do that through the built in authorization... you can use a custom plugin for that
ok thanks ! any suggested Plugins ? @samuelkitazume:matrix.org
Samuel Kitazume
Hmm I meant you can code your custom plugin. In the project I was working on early this year I had to rely on AD groups, so I came up with a bunch of plugins...
Its very easy and straightforward
oh okay got it.. Thanks alot! @samuelkitazume:matrix.org
Tarun Pai
I'm trying to implement helmet (https://www.npmjs.com/package/helmet) as a custom policy within express-gateway, but I don't have access to the gatewayExpressApp to apply this globally at the gateway level, is there another way to implement this?
1 reply
Simon Emms

Hello. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong please? I'm forwarding to a service, but it appears to be adding a trailing slash. If I hit localhost:9999/api/v1/apiary, it forwards to apiary:3000/crud/ (with the trailing slash) even though I've configured without the trailing slash (see gist for config - https://gist.github.com/MrSimonEmms/461ec255a73d55c09b4d6e945be0df5d)

If I remove the /crud on the service, it doesn't put a trailing slash on

how to remove a property from response array of object?
if the response is: [{"test":"test","test2":"test2"},{"test":"test","test2":"test2"}] I would like to remove test property
Hello gentlemen, I'm having trouble finding good examples of tutorials on express-gateway, could someone recommend me?
New to EG but finding it confusing as there only seems to be JSON and YAML. Where is the JS code that I can hack?
Miguel Durán
Can the website that discusses the headers option under proxy be updated with an example? I input a rule to add a header, but then my gateway starts complaining that no service endpoint is present
I am new to Express gateway and from the Spring world- does express come with support for an endpoint equivalent to spring cloud gateways lb:/app or Zuul’s service endpoint?
Alwan Alyafi Mulyawan
Hi, I am new to Express gateway. how to run express gateway app on google kubernetes engine ?
1 reply
Hello guys, is it way to send multipart form data (file) through gateway?
Hi All, is it possible gateway configs used JSON format without YAML, if yes how ?
3 replies
Mauro de Pascale
Hi all, I'm exploring EQ as an option for a kubernetes project: is it possible to configure EG to perform TLS edge termination ? So the connection is protected up to the gateway and just http to the hidden service ? Sorry if the question sounds silly: I'm new to the tool.
how to fix PayloadTooLargeError: request entity too large ?
shivam sharma
hey, any idea for express-gateway on windows, it says eg is not working
1 reply
Krishna M
Please help for this error PayloadTooLargeError: request entity too large express api gateway
2 replies