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Feb 2016
Feb 08 2016 14:34
Hi thanks for your awesome project! I have a question about sample project. How is created DB strucutre for ExtensionB you only map entity by modelbuilder, and creating must by done manualy ? Am I right ? Another question is: Is this concept adaptable for ASP.NET MVC 5 solutions ? Thanks!
Dmitry Sikorsky
Feb 08 2016 15:40
@Klainer Hi! I'm happy that you liked it :smile: DB structure is created automatically (in case of SQLite; it is possible for MS SQL Server too but usually I don't use code first db autocreate features). It is possible to use the idea in "old" MVC. I have done it some time ago (before moving to the 5) with MEF.
Maybe it would be better for you to take a look at much more simpler demo project: I've used ideas from this my project in ExtCore.