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Mar 2017
Mar 18 2017 00:14
@Flying--Dutchman ExtCore was updated to a VS 2017 project last weekend. I have initially started a VS 2017 project with .NET Core and a plugin that has bower files, controllers, CSS, JS and views. The only problem I had was the IIS Express run profile failed to execute but the core project and Docker executed without problems.
Mar 18 2017 12:07
Sounds promising for visual studio 2017.
But is it possible to enforce plugins to use specific Interfaces? And maybe to have different interfaces for different kinds of plugins?
Mar 18 2017 13:03
Hi Guys,
I am trying to achieve a framework like ExtCore but I want the new plugins to output their dll file into a folder in the main project is that possible with .net core?
Mar 18 2017 18:40
Pssible to alter registered models at runtime?