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Aug 2017
Aug 02 2017 13:53
Hi Dmitry!
Got a architecture question. I'm doing some ASP learning, as I'm coming from Node. I'm curious about file organization in ExtCore
Specifically, I'd like to have all my extensions in one "plugins", "extensions", or "modules" folder. Then the respective addons would be in their own directory. I guess my want comes from Node Modules, and it is intuitive
I noticed all your files seem to be first level directories. If I were to organize them in a way like I want, that shouldn't have an effect on the base app finding the classes, correct?
Aug 02 2017 14:05
For instance, I'm looking to use a react or angular frontend with an api backend. I was imagining this sort of design :
Dmitry Sikorsky
Aug 02 2017 14:14
@Dhallagan Hi! Thank you for the question. There is an issue: ExtCore/ExtCore#68
So it will be done soon, but it doesn't work right now, so ExtCore will not look inside the subdirectories.
But there is an simple workaround. You might replace the standard AssemblyProvider with your custom one, so it will look inside the subdirs. You even might just inherit existing one and add some recursion. Then when the new version is released you will just remove your implementation.
Aug 02 2017 14:22
Ah, perfect. Thanks my friend. I'll keep an eye out for that new version, and investigate the Assembly provider