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Jun 2018
Andrey Balykov
Jun 07 2018 09:46
I was creating and starting empty base ExtCore web application. Why I have got error?
Error loading assembly 'SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_green'
I don't want to have SqlLite dependencies.
Dmitry Sikorsky
Jun 07 2018 09:55
Hi! I think you have a dependency on ExtCore.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite or on ExtCore.Data.Dapper.Sqlite.
...or check your Extensions folder, maybe you have copied some sample project with something related to SQLite
Andrey Balykov
Jun 07 2018 10:24
It's default netcore web app with ExtCore.WebApplication
Andrey Balykov
Jun 07 2018 12:08
I solve my problem with CustomAssemblyProvider - it adds 'SQLitePCLRaw' in IsCandidateCompilationLibrary func.