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Aug 2018
Dmitry Sikorsky
Aug 07 2018 06:22
@balticer could you share your changes to make it work with 4.7.1? I think it is good feature for others too.
@Hypenate use the last one 3.3.0, it uses 2.1.1.
Aug 07 2018 06:31
@DmitrySikorsky I am using the 3.3.0 version (see the Error)
Dmitry Sikorsky
Aug 07 2018 11:38
@Hypenate sorry, I was answering too quickly. I will try to find out what the problem is.
Пронин Андрей
Aug 07 2018 11:39
Aug 07 2018 12:30
@DmitrySikorsky, i made work to compile against NETSTANDARD 2.0, which allows to use it in .NET 4.x
you have already pull request open for this, dont know the state of this
which are the problems with the pull requests?