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    Paula Andrea Martinez
    thanks @moranegg
    Paula Andrea Martinez
    Consultation, feedback and further discussion will be carried out in this FAIR4RS community channel.
    Jez (he/him)
    Hi folks 👋
    Victoria Dominguez del Angel
    Hello all
    Morane Gruenpeter
    Welcome! we haven't really used this gitter for the whole group (we mostly used it for the subgroups), but it is a good channel to discuss the upcoming release of the first draft of the FAIR principles for Research Software.

    Call for community review: Five Recommendations for FAIR Software

    This project applies the FAIR principles directly to software to improve research software development. They give five recommendations to make software more FAIR along with some suggestions for how to meet them. In addition, they offer a Python package that can test a GitHub repository for compliance, the output of which can be used to create a badge that visualizes compliance with these recommendations. The recommendations are:

    1. Use a publicly accessible repository with version control
    2. Add a License
    3. Register your code in a community registry
    4. Enable citation of the software
    5. Use a software quality checklist

    The Five Recommendations for FAIR software were submitted to INCF for endorsement as a Best Practice and is now open for community review, an important step in the endorsement process. Please visit F1000 Call for Community Feedback on Five Recommendations for FAIR Software to comment (a simple thumbs-up will suffice if you are a supporter) on the appropriateness and completeness of the Recommendations. You are also welcome to comment on the review conducted by the INCF Standards and Best Practices Committee.
    Find the F1000 call here: bit.ly/BPR5recommendations
    Review period runs until May 28, 2021

    As a part of INCF’s work towards more open and FAIR neuroscience, we have developed an endorsement process that includes:

    • a review from an expert committee making sure that it fulfills the criteria of open, FAIR, testing and implementation, governance, adoption and use, stability and support, and comparison to similar standards
    • a 60-day open community review: by involving the community for feedback, we make sure that the standards and best practices we endorse are valuable to the end-users
      Learn more on our review process here: bit.ly/INCFblogSBPs

    INCF promotes common and compatible standards that ensure that the funds and efforts being put into neuroscience research yield the most efficient outcome. Community involvement in these standards is necessary not only to make FAIR resources and processes work but also to keep them up to date. By endorsing standards and best practices we make it easier to find the best resource for your research but it also gives recognition and visibility for those who put in their time and effort into developing them.

    If you want to get involved in the standards and best practices or to find out more about the process, please visit the INCF website: incf.org

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Jez (he/him)
    A good response at LIBER2021 conference to Neil Chue Hong's presentation on software citation! 😊