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Mar 2018
Greg Fausak
Mar 27 2018 12:05
what does it mean when the services come up with a question mark instead of a check box?
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 7.03.44 AM.png
Greg Fausak
Mar 27 2018 14:42

I was trying some different roles out with the example shipped user set (admin, operator,user,test) I thought the test user was neat! I tried to create a instance id called apple, and got an error that creation failed because the instance name violated my instanceRegex. I changed the instance id to test-apple and the creation worked great. Would it make sense to have a data value specified optionally with the auth information, e.g.:

  {username:test, password:test, instanceRegex="^test.*", instancePrepend="test-", role:"administrator"}

such that any id entered has instancePrepend inserted on the front of the string? On the other hand, it does bring the matter to the attention of the currently authenticated user. It clearly defines the namespace for sure.

Frank Rosner
Mar 27 2018 18:00
The whole id thing is not optimal IMO.
We use ID but the ID should be the nomad job ID.
Otherwise you might end up with two instances controlling the same nomad job.
I wanted to rework it but didn't have the time, yet.
I think we need to give it some thought and make it right the next time we change it.
If we have, e.g. a Broccoli ID and a Nomad ID that can be different, we'd have much more flexibility.