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Jun 2016
Simeon Nedkov
Jun 20 2016 17:50

Hi all Van den Borne hackers! Thank you for participating in the first FarmHack! I was impressed by how quickly you managed to produce tangible "things". It was great fun chatting with you and "participating" "live" in the event eventhough I was some 1500 km away. @Hoogfeeds_twitter Thanks for the Cyclops. ;)

I deeply hope you find an opportunity to share your hacks on GitHub so we can all learn, benefit, reuse and hopefully give something back. At FarmHack we believe that "open makes it better": by sharing code, knowledge and experiences we'll all eventually be better off. Better ideas, code, apps, and better business models. Or as doge would say: "so effective, wow, much profit!".

I'd love to talk to you (in private?) if you choose not to share your hack with others. While we strive for "open all the time", we of course understand that that's not always possible/desireable. What's the right balance, though? Let us now!

As we are nearing the next FarmHack (here we come @GertS !!!) you'll see new people join the chat and us starting a conversation about satellite and drone images, raster analysis, NDVI and other fun abbreviations. Please stick around and we'll do out best to keep you up-to-date.

Also, Open State's Hacking for Sustainability Challenge is in full swing. Consider joining and hacking something for prizes and eternal glory. Check out or ask @clien_twitter for more info. :)
Jun 20 2016 19:47
Thanks @ndkv! more info on what went down during FarmHack #1, you can read all about it in this post: