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Jun 2016
Marc Lemmens
Jun 30 2016 05:37
Wat een gave concepten trouwens, ICR3ATE & TeamVenture !
Marc Lemmens
Jun 30 2016 05:54
@mvandervoort Ik neem aan dat je dit al bekeken hebt: , alleen gaat men dan uit van een Linux omgeving.
Jun 30 2016 06:24
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #049 - 'TTN Dashboard' - staging_thethingsnetwork_org_applications_70B3D57ED000058D.png
@geowings Manfred is busy moving workspaces today. Received this message from him in the wee hours of the morning:
Thanks all for supporting and offering troubleshooting assistance with the Libelium Waspmote. Right now I can say: finally found & fixed. Not that pretty straightforward and after juglling with all possible causes and combinations, this is what I would like to have seen earlier in time and with somewhat less effort and stress :-)

This TTN dashboard shows that the whole LoRa Node till TTN Application handler backend is working properly through my TTN Gateway with the Waspmote as a LoRa Node. Excellent because this makes focussing on Farmer solutions though IoT application possible from this technology stack level. And that was my ambition: bringing in a working LoRa platform next week for Farmhack app developers so they can focus on solutions i,s,o, IT plumbing.

Libelium IMHO deserves a price for unclear indications. From the FAQ

I get this error message: “avrdude: stk500_paged_write(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x44
avrdude: stk500_cmd(): programmer is out of sync”
You can get this error if you are uploading the code repeatedly before complete the "uploading process".

This partly describes the issue I was confronted with. Nevertheless the suggested solution wasn't both applicable and useless if you can't get one upload succesful at all!. Totally crap.

For those interested, I'll report later on somewhat more extensively.

Jun 30 2016 06:32
[end of quote]
Raphaël Hoogvliets
Jun 30 2016 13:32

Hi all,

Next week we have our second Agtech Meetup in Amsterdam, you can sign up here:

Actually, the link for the actual event is here ;)

Also, we lost a speaker ;o

So if any of you would like to present anything Agtech for 15 minutes, you'd be more than welcome, we're currently in the process of looking for a replacement speakers. Your presentation could be about software, hardware, or datascience. It could be technical, could be the journey, could be a dilemma. Could even be Farmhack outcomes! Just let me know if you're interested and we'll get in touch.

Jun 30 2016 19:53
Video van ‪#‎FarmHackNL‬ #2: Drones, satellieten en gewasbescherming bij de familie Sterenborg, met dank aan David Van Der Pluijm
Willy Tadema
Jun 30 2016 20:00
Mooie video! Erg leuk om terug te zien.
Jun 30 2016 20:46
Super filmpje! groet, Wilco en Peter