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Aug 2016
Aug 23 2016 14:58
Hi ppl
Would anyone be kind to explain me the GRD (Grid) GridCellNorthSize(xs:double) GridCellEastSize(xs:double) North & East direction gridcell size
I'm trying to understand these attributes of the GRD element
C="0.00009105" D="0.0001447" E="16" F="13
C and D are the mentioned gridcell sizes, although I'm not sure what unit is used here, kilometers, degrees? I guess it's not kms since it's such a small fraction :)
Aug 23 2016 15:04
I'm talking about the ISOBUS ISO-XML btw
Aug 23 2016 21:44
Hi @keeperhood , not sure what code you're referring to. But Grid sizes are expressed in GPS units (so EPSG:4326 offsets) as specified by the (closed) ISO-11783 part 10 specification.