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Nov 2014
Jacob Riesser
Nov 07 2014 01:06
CSE450-MSU/Plover-tube@0f3d6e3 Okay, all tests passing for project 5, and all of project 6 tests are failing only due to what you would expect (different tubecode assembly results). I'm probably calling it a night. I'll check in again tomorrow evening after work.
Nov 07 2014 01:34
Nov 07 2014 04:14
Hey guys. I'll work on the tubecode assembly tonight.
Nov 07 2014 05:12
oh, I just made a change in the code. originally I was going "arg[1]" when I needed the location so the 1 in "s1". You have to do a substring starting at 1 in case the number is 10 or higher