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Nov 2014
Nov 23 2014 07:07
So I got it to recognize function definitions without parameters. I had to add a block called funct_declare cause definitions don't end in semi colons like other variable declares. the underlying stuff is ok but it was mostly to make sure it was recognized. I was thinking instead of defining a new parameter list, why not just use a bool like isFunct that we set to true when we're defining it so we just add to the argument list with some if statements
Jacob Riesser
Nov 23 2014 18:43
Change of plans, I have to wait until tonight to take a better look. But shouldn't we be adding a functionEntry and not a tableEntry in the current grammer rule (and setting the global pointer)?
Nov 23 2014 21:53
it was just to get it to see if it'd recognize. it's a placeholder