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FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) Looks up?
FlexGet Bot
paranoidi (irc) hmph, retry_failed is not very good
paranoidi (irc) there is no way to reset the count
paranoidi (irc) nor inject them from backlog?
gazpachoking (slack) It should just be normal backlog they are in, but I think it stops keeping them there once they failed too many times
FlexGet Bot
paranoidi (irc) it removes them from backlog?
gazpachoking (slack) Once it's done trying to retry them
gazpachoking (slack) I believe
paranoidi (irc) :(
gazpachoking (slack) Otherwise they'll stay there and build up forever
paranoidi (irc) my sabnzbd apikey was incorrect so I have bunch of movies failed
paranoidi (irc) it would be nice to be able to redo them
gazpachoking (slack) Yeah. Perhaps it should be a separate table than backlog so it has more control, dunno
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) Looks like the site was down to to problems in the DC where it's hosted. I was on vaca and didn't notice the emails.
FlexGet Bot
DerekTheRed (irc) just recently discovered Sonarr and Radarr… been using Trakt to manage my TV and movie lists but planning to switch over to a "local" option. is there a way to "mirror" the Sonarr and Radarr lists? I am already able to add stuff to my Flexget lists but don't know if it's possible to remove an item from Flexget when something is removed from Sonarr or Radarr
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) DerekTheRed: Yeah, if you set up a task that uses your local list as an input, use accept_all, then use list_match to reject anything on your remote list
gazpachoking (slack) Then feed that into list_remove
DerekTheRed (irc) ooh thanks, I'll have to play around with that!
gazpachoking (slack) We had plans for some sort of easier way to do that sort of syncing, can't remember what came of it
FlexGet Bot
DerekTheRed (irc) would be nice to have that as a built-in feature but hopefully i can do this without seriously screwing things up! :p
gazpachoking (slack) I have some similar tasks to sync my trakt lists to local movie lists, they've been working out well for me.
FlexGet Bot
DerekTheRed (irc) yeah i basically want to eliminate my dependency on trakt and have something local to manage my lists without having to resort to managing lists in a shell… which my family is not too keen on :)
DerekTheRed (irc) next up will be to have Flexget remove items from Radarr after they've been downloaded
FlexGet Bot
DerekTheRed (irc) ah i think I just found an untested recipe for this here - https://flexget.com/Plugins/List/list_match
DerekTheRed (irc) but if I'm using configure_series, what should I be using as the name of my local list?
gazpachoking (slack) Ahh yes, I thought I had written that up somewhere
gazpachoking (slack) Use entry_list plugin for your local list, you can name the specific list anything you like
DerekTheRed (irc) in other words, is my-watchlist on that page a temporary name?
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) The entry list plugin can store many separate lists, which you can name whatever you want. On that page, it is using one called 'my-watchlist'
DerekTheRed (irc) OK cuz my configure_series task just looks like this atm:
DerekTheRed (irc) configure_series:
DerekTheRed (irc) from:
DerekTheRed (irc) sonarr_list:
DerekTheRed (irc) base_url: '{? sonarr.url ?}'
DerekTheRed (irc) port: '{? sonarr.port ?}'
DerekTheRed (irc) api_key: '{? sonarr.api_key ?}'
DerekTheRed (irc) i don't add it to a specific list… should I?
gazpachoking (slack) You intend to keep using sonar_list for that?
DerekTheRed (irc) no this is pre-sync :)
DerekTheRed (irc) but I do want Flexget to use sonarr_list as the authoritative list, yes
gazpachoking (slack) Ahh, in that case your syncing tasks should be modifying the sonar_list rather than an entry_list
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) In that example the entry_list was the authoritative list which would be used elsewhere
gazpachoking (slack) But any of the X_list plugins can be swapped in
liiight (slack) you can list_sync from sonarr_list into an entry_list too
DerekTheRed (irc) OK I see! i'll play around with it now
liiight (slack) i meant list_clear: https://flexget.com/Plugins/List/list_clear
DerekTheRed (irc) oooh
Shrike (slack) Having some issues on the latest-ish version (updated two days ago I think)
FlexGet Bot
DerekTheRed (irc) got it working, i'm happy now. thanks @gazpachoking!