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FlexGet Bot
barnseenio (irc) im pretty sure the proxy is working as i can curl to it as follows curl --socks5-hostname localhost:9050 and i see the proxy IP
barnseenio (irc) any suggestions i can try out?
FlexGet Bot
liiight (slack) @gazpachoking
liiight (slack) Looks super promising
FlexGet Bot
barnseenio (irc) Missing dependencies for SOCKS support
barnseenio (irc) oh no, its made a mess
barnseenio (irc) ran this pip3 install -U urllib3[socks]
barnseenio (irc) saw these
barnseenio (irc) ERROR: requests 2.21.0 has requirement urllib3<1.25,>=1.21.1, but you'll have urllib3 1.25.9 which is incompatible.
barnseenio (irc) ERROR: flexget 3.1.61 has requirement urllib3==1.24.2, but you'll have urllib3 1.25.9 which is incompatible.
barnseenio (irc) and now its all broke :(
barnseenio (irc) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/requests/ RequestsDependencyWarning: urllib3 (1.25.9) or chardet (3.0.3) doesn't match a supported version!
barnseenio (irc) warnings.warn("urllib3 ({}) or chardet ({}) doesn't match a supported "
FlexGet Bot
barnseenio (irc) hmm, ran pip3 install -U urllib3==1.24.2 and now appears to be back working, and with proxy support
FlexGet Bot
barnseenio (irc) anyone awake for an rss/regex question?
barnseenio (irc) if i have an rss feed that has many entries, and includes a <category>abc</category> element, can you advise how i would filter that to only pick up category xyz
FlexGet Bot
Brandon (slack) @barnseenio I think you could configure the rss plugin to have an other_fields: [category] entry, and then later on in your config use the if plugin to do something like:
  - "category != 'xyz'": reject
FlexGet Bot
barnseenio (irc) thanks brandon, /w 14
barnseenio (irc) oops
barnseenio (irc) thanks brandon
barnseenio (irc) i kind of got it going with the regexp plugin, though it didnt work quite as i had expected. the category field defied being picked up by the regex, but if i used the description field it worked. so i settled for a regex on the description
FlexGet Bot
paranoidi (slack) barnseenio: sounds like our requirements are not correct if proxy was broken like that
FlexGet Bot
Shrike (irc) flexget forgets all seen items on a certain task EVERY SUNDAY
Shrike (irc) wouldn't mind, but that task basically makes my NAS redownload everything on my seedbox. every sunday.
FlexGet Bot
liiight (slack) @Shrike seen plugin does not have db cleaning period at all AFAIK
liiight (slack) so that’s not supposed to happen…
Shrike (irc) I do see ANALYZE being run just before the issue reappears
Shrike (irc) I even nuked my databases and it still persists (I thought the issue might be my HUGE DB)
liiight (slack) could you show that task config?
Shrike (irc) sure, sec.
Shrike (irc) only_new and seen:local are the onlu suspicious parts in there
Shrike (irc) and this has worked for 2-3 years and started failing about 1-2 months ago
liiight (slack) dafaq is only_new
liiight (slack) why does it even exist?
liiight (slack) seen plugin kidna guruntees that already, doesnt it?
FlexGet Bot
Shrike (irc) ¯_(ツ)_/¯
liiight (slack) yeah, read it. seems to predate seen to me
Shrike (irc) I'll remove that from my config and we'll check back next sunday? :)
liiight (slack) looking at its code its definitly conflicting with seen plugin
liiight (slack) i’d argue that we should even remove it from flexget at all
Shrike (irc) yeah, sounds like it
Shrike (irc) I'll nuke it from my configs
liiight (slack) seems like there’s a race condition between seen and only_new as they both operate on_task_learn
liiight (slack) using the same priority
liiight (slack) so it working for you for so long was a fluke 🙂
Shrike (irc) yea, I changed boxes around the time it started failing
Shrike (irc) some quantum state somewhere is different and the ordering changed :D
FlexGet Bot
Shrike (irc) btw, it would be nice if flexget printed out its version on startup