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FlexGet Bot
liiight (slack) so that’s not supposed to happen…
Shrike (irc) I do see ANALYZE being run just before the issue reappears
Shrike (irc) I even nuked my databases and it still persists (I thought the issue might be my HUGE DB)
liiight (slack) could you show that task config?
Shrike (irc) sure, sec.
Shrike (irc) only_new and seen:local are the onlu suspicious parts in there
Shrike (irc) and this has worked for 2-3 years and started failing about 1-2 months ago
liiight (slack) dafaq is only_new
liiight (slack) why does it even exist?
liiight (slack) seen plugin kidna guruntees that already, doesnt it?
Shrike (irc) ¯_(ツ)_/¯
liiight (slack) yeah, read it. seems to predate seen to me
FlexGet Bot
Shrike (irc) I'll remove that from my config and we'll check back next sunday? :)
liiight (slack) looking at its code its definitly conflicting with seen plugin
liiight (slack) i’d argue that we should even remove it from flexget at all
Shrike (irc) yeah, sounds like it
Shrike (irc) I'll nuke it from my configs
liiight (slack) seems like there’s a race condition between seen and only_new as they both operate on_task_learn
liiight (slack) using the same priority
liiight (slack) so it working for you for so long was a fluke 🙂
Shrike (irc) yea, I changed boxes around the time it started failing
Shrike (irc) some quantum state somewhere is different and the ordering changed :D
Shrike (irc) btw, it would be nice if flexget printed out its version on startup
FlexGet Bot
liiight (slack) hmm, doesnt it?
Shrike (irc) if it does, I can't see it
Shrike (irc) flexget daemon start --autoreload-config
liiight (slack) yeah it doesn’t
liiight (slack) silly
Shrike (irc) because digging up the version number of a containerized flexget instance is ... painful :)
Shrike (irc) grepping it from the logs would be completely trivial
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) I guess only_new was some sort of optimization for tasks with expensive filters
gazpachoking (slack) I'm not sure why it wouldn't work though, or why it would interfere with seen plugin
gazpachoking (slack) Oh, actually, yeah, it should probably only operate on undecided entries, not accepted ones as well.
gazpachoking (slack) But I agree, I don't see it as being that useful, except for optimization
FlexGet Bot
liiight (slack) @gazpachoking but since seen is a builtin and pretty much supercedes it, cant we just get rid of it? At least deprecate it?
gazpachoking (slack) It's different than seen, seen remembers accepted things only. I'm not necessarily against getting rid of it though, I think it's only good for optimizations
gazpachoking (slack) If it stays, it should be moved to run after seen
FlexGet Bot
liiight (slack) hmm, that means we can just set its priority to be last, right?
liiight (slack) seems simple enough
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) Yeah, I think that should work. That way seen still remembers accepted things before that plugin marks them as rejected
gazpachoking (slack) I think also it should maybe be changed to run on every entry
FlexGet Bot
Shdwdrgn (irc) hey folks, looking for some help trying to sort episodes of the original (1963) Doctor Who. I have series settings for both "Doctor Who" and "Doctor Who 2005", both of which have ID entries for tvdb, tvmaze, and imdb, yet what I try to run the sort task for the first episode of the original show it insists on using the IDs from the 2005 series. I can't figure out how to make it stop using the wrong information.
Shdwdrgn (irc) The ID settings work just fine for all other TV shows where I had to enter them due to conflicting titles, but for this one it just won't do what it's told.
FlexGet Bot
Shdwdrgn (irc) I deleted the database and this time sort correctly identified the file. However when I tried to sort again for episode 2 it gives me the error that it was rejected because proper already exists. Deleted the database again and it still says proper exists.
FlexGet Bot
Shdwdrgn (irc) good god... I had to delete the database, comment out all references to the 2005 series in my configs, and move the 2005 files to a different folder... finally it is using the proper show lookups and not rejecting them because a 'proper' already exists
gazpachoking (slack) Shdwdrgn: You have 'exact' mode enabled on the one without 2005?
FlexGet Bot
gazpachoking (slack) I think it should enable itself if it sees something like that in your config, but perhaps it wouldn't depending on.. stuff
gazpachoking (slack) Also, do you have parens around the 2005 part? That could also mess with things