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Repo info
    in case you are aware about this error - Not a host:port pair: PBUF
    while executing ---...itialize config/local.yml
    Avanish Pandey
    What is the default level of nesting supported in the events? somewhere I start to see x.y.0.field.empty : false and x.y.0.field.traversableAgain : true . Is there anyway to stop this?
    a few UI fixes have gone into master
    i suggest you upgrade
    Alos 0.5.x is the current dev branch
    if you are planning to push some fix etc, I suggest you do it from o.5.x
    Also from 0.5.x we have moved to ES 2x line and HDP and dropwizard 1x line
    so expect config changes
    functionality remain the same
    i am new to analytics. can you suggest me something to start with?
    I suggest you pick up a concrete insight that you want to gain
    Follow it all the way from source to ingestion to aggregation to finally consumption..
    Yash Ladha
    Hello community.
    I want to contribute to the project. Is there any starter issues to work upon?
    Sachin Mukherjee
    Hello everyone
    Is there any good first issue to start with this project?
    hey sorry .. wasn't monitoring this channel for some time
    let me take stock and get back on this
    I need to know the basics and functionality of foxtrot. It's a very good repo I came across. Luckily I found gitter Link where I joined to talk about the subject. @team Can we have zoom meet regarding the project, please? I have Disabilities and struggling a lot! My MailID: lokesh97cse@gmail.com @team, please ping me when we have meet on this subject.
    @santanusinha @sachinmukherjee @yashLadha @abhnv12 @avanishp @mukeshkdangi @sgmarghade
    We can catch up sometime on Monday to understand how you want to use it and help you
    @santanusinha Thank you.